Telpro Safety Platform

Telpro Inc. has designed and supplied large numbers of Modular Adjustable Catwalk Systems to some of the world’s leading wind energy turbine blade manufacturing facilities.

Our designs, customized to meet their specific in-plant needs, have resulted in dramatic improvements in working safety and productivity.

Engineered and manufactured here in the USA, a key feature of our system is the modularity and configurability of our design which means our customers don’t need purchase all new access and catwalk systems every time they begin production of  a new blade design.

Whether it be the mold process, or finishing room, our Telpro Inc. Modular Adjustable Catwalk Systems provide a safe, efficient, and ergonomic solution for customized in-plant personnel access needs.

If your facility has special personnel access needs, let Telpro Inc. see if we can bring similar improvements to your operation.


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