Service & Maintenance Videos/Manuals

These videos are supplemental to the Service Manuals for each procedure and are not intended to serve as complete instructional or training videos.

Click on the link below or under the menu item “Equipment Service/Maintenance Videos & Manuals” above for the video you’re interested in.

We’ll be adding more videos to show how to perform common service procedures on Telpro Inc.  products.

If you have any questions about any service procedure that your Telpro Inc. equipment needs, please give us a call: 1-800-448-0822.

Thanks for watching. Let us know if there’s a procedure you’d like to see us post a video for.

Part 52-11-02-00 Replacement Procedure Video

Tele-Tower® Latch Bolt 08-03-00-00 Replacement Service Procedure Manual

Tele-Tower® Brake and Winch Test

For Product Operator’s Manuals, go to our Document Downloads Page

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