DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press


Anyone who’s ever done it can tell you that overhead drilling into concrete is punishing work. It’s like doing a balancing act four to six feet off the ground holding a 50 lb. sandbag over your head while it leaks in your face.





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Telpro, Inc. developed the DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press to make life safer and easier for workers drilling overhead into concrete.

Working with the UC Berkeley Department of Ergonomics,  we  modified concepts developed in the course of their five year research project to design and manufacture a commercially practical overhead drill press.  The result is Telpro Inc.’s multiple patent pending DrillRite™ Concrete Overhead Drill Press:

• Reduces musculoskeletal strain associated with operating rotary hammer drills overhead
• Reduces risk of job-site falls by eliminating the need for ladders for overhead drilling
• Integrated dust extraction system captures dangerous airborne silica dust (vacuum sold separately)
• Reaches 12’ ceilings
• Compatible with scissor lifts for higher ceilings
• Holds a wide variety of rotary hammer drills
• Operates both AC and cordless drills
• Chain lift mechanism for simplicity, durability, long life and low maintenance
• Safety winch/clutch design simplifies & speeds operation
• Manufactured in USA by Telpro Inc. with a 40+ year history in the construction equipment industry
• One year limited warranty with U.S. parts, service and customer support
• Ships compactly; easily portable

Read these impressive independent test results from Washington University, St. Louis. The DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press is a game-changing advancement in both productivity and safety.

easily-mobile-on-jobsite  drill-cradle-featuresuser-components-350

New Safety Remote Trigger Design


Here’s a short video:

Model 210 DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press

The Model 350 has about 59” of lift with a drill saddle (the point where you attach your drill) that starts at about 81”. Actual ceiling heights reached will vary depending on the drill you are using, the length of the bit and the depth of hole needed, but nominally the Model 350 can reach ceilings up to about 12′.   The Model 210 is a shorter model.  Its Drill Cradle starts at about 51” and has about 33.5” of lift for a max height of 7′. The 210 is designed for use from a scissor lift to reach higher ceilings than the Model 350. It’s also great for specialty low ceiling settings such as tunnels, mining applications and more.

IMG_9592 IMG_9575IMG_5401

The DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press is also finding great success in underground mining operations. Here we’re setting up a demo for long-throw anchor hole drilling in a potash mine:

Telpro DrillRite in Potash Mine


For more product information and pricing for the DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press, email us or call Telpro Inc. at 701-775-0551.  You can also Order Online.

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  1. John says:

    Can you give me a price on the Drill Rite delevered to Medford, Oregon

    • danayoung says:

      Thanks for the interest, John. Our inside team will be following up with you (check your email) to get the specific shipping information they’ll need to get you a price including the freight. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  2. Stacey Darrohn says:

    I would like to know a price as well. Please email me at [address masked]. Located in Philadelphia, PA. Thanks.

  3. danayoung says:

    Thanks for the interest, Stacey. A team member at Telpro will be in touch to make sure you get the information you need.

  4. Would like price on unit, can a regular drill also be install along with different hammer drill, do you have universal drill cradle, I only need stand, dust control is not an issue, we are located in Clinton Indiana and what would the delivery time would be.

    • danayoung says:

      Thanks for your interest in the DrillRite®! I’m handing your information on to our sales team and you should soon be contacted to make sure you have all the information you need on this great new tool. Thanks again for your interest.

  5. would like a price on this unit

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