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The Troll® Cart Model 6468 Lift Cart

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The Troll® Lift Cart was designed specifically for handling and installing epoxy resin countertops. With the Troll® one installer can safely and efficiently handle heavy epoxy tops. Larger panels of epoxy tops can be specified which minimizes the number of seams needed. Easily handles 5′ x 8′ top sections.


The Troll® Model 6468 Lift Cart easily handles loads through doorways and confined areas. It lifts, rotates and positions large island or standard depth countertops with one smooth, safe and ergonomic process. It saves wear and tear on your back, protects the countertop and cabinets from damage and speeds the install process.

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The Troll® Fume Hood Lift System

The LabPro Fume Hood Lift System was created for lifting fume hoods with less man power. With the LabPro Fume Hood Lift System, you can safely and securely install fume hoods while reducing your risk of lift-related injuries and damage to surrounding materials and equipment.

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